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Chopin Landhaus

Park Zdrojowy 1, Duszniki-Zdrój


Episode al. Chopin's Manor closes them. Frederic Chopin, the former home of ballroom which focused cultural life of the spa. Built between 1802-1805, and in 1826 gave him his first charity concert Chopin. The property is available daily for visitors in the hours 09.00-17.00. You can watch it for a nominal fee of 1 zł. Each visitor will receive a free official city card, which you can decorate a commemorative stamp in the image of Chopin Manor. There you can also get information on other monuments in the city and acquire pamiątki.Międzynarodowy Festival ChopinowskiW first half of August Manor becomes a mecca for lovers of classical music. This is the time in which it takes the International Chopin Festival. Then to our resort attracts a talented pianist, virtuoso, educators and music critics from around the world. The first festival was held on 25-26 August 1946, the 120th anniversary of Duszniki brilliant music concerts. From this moment every year in the first half of August Duszniki Chopin's music resound. In Duszniki festivals attended by many celebrities, among others pianists Edward Auer, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Ryszard Bakst, Halina Czerny - Stefańska, Zbigniew Drzewiecki, Stanislaw Szpinalski, Barbara Hesse - Bukowsko, Lidia Grychtołówna, Adam Harasiewicz, Fu Tsong, Bella Davidovich , Ikuko Endo, Peter Paleczny, Garrick Ohlsson, Krystian Zimerman, Paul Badura - Skoda, Stefan Askenase, Kevin Kenner, Piers Lane, Grigory Sokolov, John Gotlieb Jiracek, Leslie Howard. Organization of festivals is the International Chopin Festivals Foundation, based in Duszniki Zdroju.Kulturalne centrumNie is the only music festival that takes place in the Manor Chopin. It is organized here as well Mendelsohn and Music Festival of Ages, and throughout the year it is the center of culture Dusznicka which hosts numerous concerts, recitals, operetta and cabaret.



Chopin Landhaus
Téléphone: +48748669426
E-mail: mokis@mokis.duszniki.pl

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